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A day out with whip makers Chris and Tony

It’s no secret that I am a bit of a whip lover, so spending the day with two of Britain’s finest whip makers was definitely not an arduous task!

For quite a few years, I have been friends with Tony Essentia, but we had never quite gotten round to meeting (which is a huge pity because he is an awesome bloke who also hails from sarf London)

It’s always good to meet up with other makers and just chew the fat about different leather, and OMG isn’t buffalo expensive, and all that sort of thing. Such meetings usually spawn a plethora of new ideas, born from skills shared, and are always a pleasure.

Well, I have been hanging out and working with Chris from Alpha Whips for a good while, and I suggested that I bring him along for the craic, also so that he could have his work thoroughly assessed so he can continue to improve.

I have to say that Tony and his partner Mel, are lovely, warm and friendly people, and meeting them both was a real pleasure.

They also have a dungeon that I would happily move into!

Tony’s work is first class, we had a lot of fun cracking whips.

If you are looking for a leather whip, do check out his work. Yes he has a good waiting list for his work, but it is worth it. He also makes a very fine range of floggers, but we discovered that our styles are completely different and compliment rather than compete.

The whip talk was brilliant, I am very interested in the technical aspects of whip making, and listening to two people who are passionate about their craft was a rare pleasure.

I will post a link to Tony’s blog, as he and I are both endorsing Chris’s work.

A big thank you to Tony and Mel for your hospitality, next time the KFC is on me xxxx

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Returns Policy

ashampoo_snap104Sometimes you order something you see online in the post, it arrives and it just wasnt quite what you thought.

Thats no problem, return the flogger in an unused condition and a full refund will be given.

However, once its used, its yours.

Due to the personal nature of these items, a used product cannot be refunded.

If a fault develops, a repair will be made free of charge. If a repair cannot be made, a replacement of a flogger of similar construction will be made. This does not cover wear and tear, which is expected from any impact toy.

Personalised custom orders cannot be refunded once work has commenced.

I try to keep the cost of custom orders similar to off the shelf costs, but they are designs that are unique to you, and as such cannot be sold on.

Please be absolutely certain that the design is correct when the order is placed.

Any flogger that has been used, cannot be returned for a refund.

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It is with true happiness that I can announce that I am working with Chris, from Alpha Whips, to bring you some beautiful quality parachord and tactical chord whips.

His designs are innovative and exciting, and his whips throw like a dream.

I will keep a selection of specially comissioned whips in stock, which will also be available at markets.

For custom orders, please contact Alpha Whips directly, I know he will be happy to talk to you.


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Rope safety

ashampoo_snap78As a supplier of rope, I believe safety to be extremely important.

I stock only ADC brand, safety shears.

The simple reason?  They are fully tested, approved and have a rating of 86kg at the pivot.

They are factory sealed, so you have the assurance that they come to you unused.

When it comes to a life or death situation, do you trust a cheap pair of chinese shears from eBay, or do you have a properly tested and rated pair?

I also stock wide mouth, twin bladed, box cutters, which are extremely good rope cutting tools.

The blades are replaceable, ensuring the longevity of the tool.

It is advisable to keep an unused cutter within arms reach at all times for emergency purposes, during rope play.

Do not place someone at risk by keeping blunt safety cutters.

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Where to find me

LAM first Sunday of the month
Twisted second Sunday of the month
BBB third Sunday of the month. (Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov)
BTM, fourth Sunday of the month. (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec)

Other events I attend.

London Fetish Weekend
Kent Fetish Festival (DV8) June

Le Boutique Bazaar (Shoreditch )
Brighton Fetish Weekend
Scarlet Ladies Talk

Happy to bring the stall to any munch or private event within a reasonable drive.

Also can give introduction to flogging or introduction to impact, and BDSM 101 workshops.