Hello, and a very warm welcome to my website and online shop.

I’m Daisy, and I make bespoke and off the peg floggers for kinksters who want to stand out, and have something of high quality that is truly unique and eye catching, in their collection.

Custom floggers are designed not only with colour, but with sensation and user friendliness in mind. I hand craft to your requirements. There is no such thing as a standard “Daisy’s Floggers” everything in stock is a one or two off piece, and everything is handmade by me.

Some of my handles are solid chromed steel. Cooled, they make wonderful sensation play toys.Other handles on offer are hand turned native and exotic woods. A range of finishes is available from high gloss to stain, painted, burned or just a natural matt varnish.

I sell both within the UK and internationally.

Come on in.

Somewhere in your imagination is your dream flogger, let me make it a reality…

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