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Returns Policy

ashampoo_snap104Sometimes you order something you see online in the post, it arrives and it just wasnt quite what you thought.

Thats no problem, return the flogger in an unused condition and a full refund will be given.

However, once its used, its yours.

Due to the personal nature of these items, a used product cannot be refunded.

If a fault develops, a repair will be made free of charge. If a repair cannot be made, a replacement of a flogger of similar construction will be made. This does not cover wear and tear, which is expected from any impact toy.

Personalised custom orders cannot be refunded once work has commenced.

I try to keep the cost of custom orders similar to off the shelf costs, but they are designs that are unique to you, and as such cannot be sold on.

Please be absolutely certain that the design is correct when the order is placed.

Any flogger that has been used, cannot be returned for a refund.