About Daisy


I really enjoy the design aspect, planning how every piece will look and feel. Matching leathers to handles, and mixing different colours to create a visual feast.

In the 80’s, I was busy taking my foundation year at Wimbledon Art School. There I learned how to mix and match colour that look pleasing to the eye, or to create visual clashes in a vibrant rainbow.

Over the years, the use of colour has become very important to me. It reflects personality and can influence how you think and feel.

In 2014, I created the PRIDE flogger, to my knowledge, the first full rainbow flogger on the market.

In addition to learning art theory, I spent over 6 years working in engineering, and from that learned much about how things go together and I am also a dab hand with power tools now!

In 2015, I purchased a lathe, and have developed a range of wooden handles.  The pretty, exotic woods are treated with respect and are left to show their natural beauty. There are also do a range of paint and stain effects for plainer woods.

Shiny chrome or steel handles are also a staple of my designs. I was a biker for a good many years, and the concept of chrome and leather is not alien to me.

I purchase only top quality leather and suede, and import many exotic pieces for that something really different.

There are always a range of floggers in stock for immediate dispatch.

Floggers are like handbags and shoes, you can never have enough, and you should have one to match each outfit

Come and chat. Somewhere in your imagination is your dream flogger, let me make it a reality…