Choosing your flogger

General design & construction considerations that affect the sensation which go into choosing a flogger. All else being equal:

Stingier <– The fewer falls — The more falls –> Thuddierashampoo_snap18

Stingier <– Narrower the falls — Wider the falls –> Thuddier

Stingier <– Thinner the falls — Thicker the falls –> Thuddier

Stingier <– More dense the fall material — Softer the fall material –> Thuddier

Stingier <– Square cut edges — Bevel cut edges –> Thuddier

Stingier <– Pointed cut ends — Square cut ends –> Thuddier

Longer falls add authority to what the flogger does and at the same time, makes using it in a softer, more delicate way more difficult.

Sensations. There simply is no written or verbal description by me or anyone else that substitutes for how a sensation feels. Which is the whole point. How it feels.

• “Sensual”. Soft, caressing, feels good to the skin in a delicate way. Fur, or very soft leathers like lamb or calf or chamois, or some deer skin. With enough leather, there can be an impact involved, but there is no “punch” or “sting” to it.

• “Slappy”. Have you ever been slapped? Then you have an idea what “slappy” feels like. Like being slapped. A slappy character to a toy is good for a warm up toy. It comes from a thin, relatively soft leather with a modest fall count. There have to be enough falls to have substance to the impact, with an element of digging into the skin, but not too many falls else it gets spread over too wide an area and the impact is diffused. “Slappy” also results from how the toy is thrown. The toy has to be thrown in the right way to feel slappy.

• “Sting”. Ever been stung by a bee, wasp, other insect? You have an idea what sting feels like. Which can vary in intensity. It depends on the nature of the material being used to produce the sting and how small the impact area is. The smaller and more concentrated in one spot it is, the stingier it will be. Singletail whips by definition are stingy. The one variable is intensity. The greater the area the impact is spread over, the less focused the sensation will be.

• “Thud or “Thuddy”. Have you ever been punched? Or hit with a blunt object? Does not have to be a hard object. You have an idea what thud feels like. Like being punched. It’s a dull, heavy impact. The thuddiest floggers are made with thick, soft, spongey leathers. Like Bison. But given enough leather put into the toy, any heavy leather can achieve a thud sensation. A heavy thud is the sort of “knock the wind out of you” kind of impact.

• “Bite” Bite is the characteristic of some leathers to dig into the skin adding a stingy element to a leather which is primarily some other sensation. “Thuddy with a bite”, “Sensual with a bite”. Bite is emphasized by square cut fall edges and reduced by beveled or eased edges.

• “Warm up” is not specific sensation, or toy even. It’s an action, preparing the skin and relaxing the bottom for more intense sensations to follow. The bottom can take more for longer periods with a good warm-up than without. If you just whack on the bottom with the most intense toy you have right out of the box, you are pretty well assured of a play session that is over before you got started.

Lots of different implements can be used for warmup, depending on how it’s used. Canes, spoons, or paddles … or floggers.