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Already one or two people have asked me to make pieces in the the style of other makers. Please refer to my writing “Copying ”

All my metal handles are bought in and cannot be modified. Very important to note, they are not insertable, they are not solid stainless steel, but chrome plated alloy or steel. This is not something that should go in your body!

The wooden handles are varnished with polyurethane, also not to be used as anything other than a handle.


What is a Stratagem Foundation?

A stratagem foundation is a particular technique for applying binding to a whip.

It is designed to function with the taper of the core and bellies. Applying the golden ratio to its positioning.

The formulas are adjusted to suit each type of whip. Some for smoothness of flow and others for the same with more stiffness for control.

They are carried out in multiple passes through the length of the whip. To achieve a specific degree of stiffness through the whips taper.

The result is superior handling properties through the result of a great deal of time and work out into the layers between the whips plaiting as well as the plaiting.

Why have a plaited fall?

Generally with a traditional hitched fall. The plaiting of the whip will cease to amplify the energy of the whips motion when it reaches the fall hitch.

A plaited fall of dyneema or nano cord will continue that amplification through the entire length of the whip, passing right up to the cracker.

Like the whips main body, this is achieved by the plaiting which tightens on one side and loosens on the opposite when a wave is passed through it.

The taper is also continuous and uninterrupted. This results in no recoil of the whips handle when it is cracked as the energy is dispersed properly through the end of the cracker.

What is a “golden ratio belly”

This is part of my design aspects for all bellied whips. I use the mathematical golden ratio to determine the length and taper of the bellies.

They are designed to work with the stratagem foundations positioned between the plaited layers.

The method to how the calculation is applied is a secret that I keep to myself.