Snap-N-Spank Paddles

We are delighted to introduce the World’s First Multi-Level Spanking Paddle, a unique and innovative twist to spanking.

SNAP-N-SPANK is ideal for beginners or seasoned spankers, no matter what level you are at SNAP-N-SPANK is in fact becoming an essential addition to the collection of implements that so many of us collect. But what makes SNAP-N-SPANK so different?

SNAP-N-SPANK incorporates a unique magnetic stacking spanking system, allowing the spanker the ability to vary the levels by adding or deducting a    layer, thus either increasing or decreasing the sensations being experienced by the spankee.

Like all spanking paddles it must be understood that there are two elements to consider when par-taking in sensation play. The material that it is made from and the intensity in which is applied.
SNAP-N-SPANK Baseline (3x) paddles are made from sturdy 3 mm acrylic, but here is where the beauty of the spanking system vastly differs from any other paddle on the market.

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